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Jul, 17th

Sharonna Yoga Meditatie Kussentjes gevuld met katoen en lavendel

Geschreven door Sharonna met 2 commentaren

Meditation Cushions Cotton-Lavender.

I proudly present my new product;

Beautiful, colourful and fragrant Meditation Cushions. They are made from Thai silk and I fill them with Cotton and Lavender. Firm and very comfortable, ideal for sitting meditation. Filled with natural fibers.

The relaxing lavender fragrance will help you enjoy your sitting meditation sessions even more. The shape and form is a perfect support for your favourite sitting position.

Made with Love.

The label says;

Sharonna Yoga

I meditate, breathing in, breathing out, I am love, I am light.


Price €28 each

Contact me ~ 06-28709948




Meditation Cushions Cotton-Lavender.


Handmade With Love. These meditation cushions are made from Thai silk, filled with cotton and lavender. Ideal for comfortably sitting meditation sessions. The lavender smell helps you to relax into your experience. The cushion are handmade by Sharonna Yoga. Firm cushions with natural fibers and beautiful colourful designs. For perfect hight to sit croslegged in meditation. 

More info.

2 commentaren

  1. Ineke Kuijpers Says:
    May 12, 2015 at 09:17am

    Lieve Sharonna,

    Ik heb veel plezier van jouw meditatie kussentje. Gebruik het om te mediteren en ook om er oefeningen van Yin Yoga mee te doen.

    Heel veel success met de verkoop van je kussentjes.

    Liefs Ineke
  2. Joy Says:
    February 19, 2018 at 12:46pm

    Bedankt Sharonna ik ben er heel blij mee :) Het kussentje is heel mooi en ruikt heerlijk. Hij zit goed! Bedankt voor de snelle levering. Top.

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